Referring Your Clients to Us

At Brandywine, we understand the complexities of personal injury cases, and we appreciate the trust that other lawyers place in us when referring their clients. Our firm has a proven track record of handling complex, high-stakes cases, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with referring lawyers across the state of Florida.

Fee-Sharing Partnership

We highly value the partnerships we establish with fellow attorneys, and our referral fee arrangements reflect our gratitude. Our philosophy is straightforward – if you refer a client to us, you should share in our success. In accordance with the ethical guidelines outlined in the Florida Bar, we honor fee-sharing agreements with every lawyer who entrusts us with a referral.

Collaboration at Every Stage

Referring lawyers often choose Brandywine to lead investigations, hire experts, file pleadings, conduct discovery, and even represent the client at trial. Whether you prefer us to take the lead from the outset or join us at later stages, we are adaptable to your preferences. We believe in a collaborative approach that ensures the best possible outcome for the client.

Trust and Reputation

Lawyers across Florida recommend Brandywine for two crucial reasons: trust and reputation. We specialize in personal injury law, boasting a history of successful trial outcomes and record-setting verdicts. Our commitment to communication, transparency, and positive client experiences has earned us the trust of attorneys who seek exceptional representation for their clients.

Why Refer Clients to Brandywine?

Trustworthy Representation

    • Our firm is known for maximizing case values through proven trial skills.
    • We guarantee open communication, ensuring clients are informed at every stage.
    • Our track record of securing large verdicts demonstrates our readiness for trial.

Protecting Your Reputation

    • We understand that referring a case reflects on your reputation.
    • We commit to regularly updating clients and maximizing the value of their cases.

What to Expect When You Refer a Client

When you refer a client to Brandywine, expect immediate action. We reach out promptly unless instructed otherwise. As a referring lawyer, you can count on:

    • Expense Coverage: We cover 100% of all case expenses, including expert testimony, medical records, and litigation costs.
    • Active or Passive Involvement: Whether you want to participate in depositions, mediation, or prefer a hands-off approach, we accommodate your preferences.
    • Prompt Compensation: Referral partners get paid the same day we do. Once the client signs the disbursement statement, checks are issued promptly.

Contact Us

If you’re a lawyer looking to enhance the value you provide to your clients, we invite you to explore collaboration with Brandywine. Contact us at 484-394-2907.

At Brandywine, we believe in building lasting partnerships and achieving successful outcomes together.